5 Knitting Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started

5 Knitting Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started

I've stated but it's worth repeating I actually began knitting because I was bored. I just don't do well just sitting and watching something, I need to be doing something with my hands. Short version I asked my mom to teach me to knit on Thanksgiving after all the eating and family things were over. We were sitting and I didn't have my laptop to peruse other things. I asked my mom to teach me to knit and after maybe 30 minutes to an hour I decided we needed to go to Walmart so I could get my own yarn and needles. 

This isn't my knitting story though it starts out as such, but it's 5 knitting tips I wish I had known starting out.

1. Circular needles beat out straight needles AND no circular needles don't always to be used in the round. I started out with straight needles and always struggled keeping stitches on the needles.... let's just say I made a lot of scarves....

Which leads me to tip number 2

2. Don't be afraid to try out excellent beginner patterns. You don't have to stick with blankets or scarves in garter. 

 Check out my favorite beginner patterns here

3. Don't be afraid to use hand dyed yarn because you're worried you're not a good enough knitter OR crocheter!!

I get it you buy/receive as a gift your first skein of glorious hand dyed yarn. You're delighted and in awe of its beauty. You want to sit it on a shelf and just stare at it. Let me just tell you once you start using hand dyed yarn(unless you're allergic) it's hard to go back to the yarns bought at the big box store.

* I'm also of the belief that there is a place for the yarns bought at the big box stores. 

But I recommend finding a beautiful beginner pattern and make it with that beautiful skein of hand dyed yarn. 

4. Stitch Markers are your best friends....

but you're going to lose a lot so grab some of these! 

Stitch markers are used when working in the round, or to separate pattern repeats or even just keeping track of stitch count.

* Fun tidbit if you lose track track while counting stitches place a stitch marker every 10, 20, 50 or even 100 stitches. This will save you from having to start over if you lose track. 

5. Challenge yourself! If you don't you won't build your skills and confidence. You can do it!! If you don't know how to do a stitch you can always check out youtube for excellent tutorials.  

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