A Love for Sock Blanks

A Love for Sock Blanks

I'm often asked how do you use sock blanks or how do you use them? I know it can be a bit intimidating if you haven't knit with one. I have to be honest I hadn't worked with them until after I dyed up some and picked one for myself. Let me let you in on a little secret the single knit sock blanks work the same way as a hank of yarn, but it saves you a step.

For me sock blanks provide even more of a surprise to how projects will knit up. Originally I had taken one of the Huckleberry sock blanks to knit a pair of socks as a way to show everyone how to knit socks out of sock blanks. 

While I could have continued knitting on the sock I decided that since it had been so long since I had cast on the sock and had barely knit an inch I decided to join in a friend and knit a shawl out of our sock blanks. 

I chose the Be Simple Variations shawl and I'm loving how it's working up.

*Note: These work best with single knit sock blanks. Double knit sock blanks are perfect for two at a time socks. We have both available in the shop.

Working with a sock blank is very easy and it saves the step of caking up the yarn from a hank. On one end you start pulling the strand and begin knitting. You continue knitting and unraveling the sock blank while you go. 

The yarn of course will be kinked from being in a knitted form but it will loosen up once you wash and block your project. If you have been staying away from sock blanks you love because you are worried how to knit with them I definitely recommend giving them a chance!

What is your favorite project you have made using a sock blank?


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