All About Hats

All About Hats

The major theme for Christmas gifts 2021 were hats. While only three were made as I had gnomes to finish from Christmas gifts 2020, they were quick enough and enjoyable. I'm pretty sure a hat would be a good project to do if you're working on a long project like a sweater that's taking awhile. 

Hat Patterns that we recommend. 

First Up we have the Oslo hat designed by Petite Knit.

I used our chief(fingering) weight yarn held double and needed roughly a skein and a half to make a hat. I made one of the child size and one junior size hat. 

Now the brim is a bit much but the end result of the hat is gorgeous and worth it. 

oslo hat

The first one I made I didn't realize it was a double brim which ultimately makes knitting the hat that much longer. I actually thought I was knitting the hat until I had to turn it inside out and knit more. As in I was knitting away and thinking hmm how do they do the brim only to realize oh I'm supposed to sew this together and what I just finished knitting is the brim *insert hand hitting head here*

I hadn't read the pattern through which many will tell you to do so before starting. I like to think of a new knitting project as an adventure and each row is a mystery. What made me get frustrated with knitting the brim was it felt like it took forever only to have to knit that same length again. 

I liked it enough I knit it twice though so obviously I didn't hate it. Overall knitting enjoyability would probably be 5/10. Style is 10/10

The boys loved the hats. They're knitworthy


Does anyone else just love the CC hat styles? Lucky for you we have a couple of these that we have tried out. 

Next up we have the C.C hat by Emily Ingrid

Now this hat was made using our bulky yarn in our Stranger colorway. This pattern calls for aran weight and required 200 yards since I used a thicker yarn I still needed two skeins but didn't use all of the second skein. I had 76 grams left of the 100 grams so I used 124 grams probably roughly 131 yards. This hat turned out so dense and squishy I loved it. 

I do wish I could have made the entire hat with a single skein of bulky. So I would probably rate this 9/10. I definitely enjoyed making it 10/10


So as the last three hats were gifts I decided I needed to make myself a hat. I wanted to make myself a C.C. style hat as well.

C.C. Style Boulder Beanie by In Stitches. Now this hat pattern calls for a Bulky yarn and I had picked up a skein of Hedgehog Fibers Beach Bunny from a lys while in Lake Chelan for my cousins wedding. 

A few notes I wish I had gone down to a 9 needle size or maybe an 8. The stitches are big and I wish they were smaller since it's a hat. I probably should have done a gauge swatch but you know how much I love doing those____

I washed it and it now swims around my head so I may try throwing it in the dryer to see if that helps shrink it a bit.

I only used 43 grams so I could have either doubled up on the yarn to really bulk up the hat or went down a needle size and had enough yarn to finish the hat. Say it with me not all bulky is created equal _______ Yes I know _____ now looking back at the yarn used in the original I totally should have realized and done something different. Oh well hindsight is 20/20

Now that I look at the yarn this is totally worsted weight and not bulky( I knew it was thinner than my bulky but bulky weights vary so much anyway) Now I'm going to grab a skein of my bulky I'm thinking Bad Habits and knit this hat up in that! Keep an eye on my insta for pics.

Overall I recommend this pattern 10/10



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