Base Showdown : Sock Yarns

Base Showdown : Sock Yarns

What’s the Differences in your Sock Weight Yarns?

It’s time for a Battle of the Base. We have a variety of sock yarns available in the shop and we know it can be a bit confusing choosing between them all, but we’re here to help you out. Today’s showdown is between our Chief Base, Delia Base, and our Dale Base. 

I know, I know, I know, there are soooooo many more fingering weight/sock weight yarns in the lineup but we couldn’t include them all.

Chief Base Sock Yarn 

This sturdy but soft yarn is a 4 ply yarn which makes it rounded and gives you excellent stitch definition. While this yarn is dense enough for socks but we recommend reinforcing heels and toes as those spots wear out much quicker. 


Delia Base Sock Yarn 

This base is strong, but not as strong as our Chief or Dale base.  It’s also soft and tactile thanks to the 80% Superwash merino 20% nylon content. A 2 ply yarn that’s perfect for lace shawls as it provides an airy feel.  


Dale Base Sock Yarn

This base is lofty but soft and made up of 75% superwash merino 25% nylon. It would work well with projects like a brioche hat or other accessories that have a textured pattern.


In the Battle of the Base we have to ask you which is your favorite? Leave a comment letting us know!

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hi. truthfully, i cannot afford your yarns but, do you ever do 10 or 20 gm mini’s?


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