brown haired woman posing next to fridge showing off Imagine When Shawl she knit using the Charles colorway

Imagine When Shawl

It's done! Finished! Complete!

Brown haired woman relaxing on window seat reading book while wearing Imagine When shawl.


I'm so excited that I completed this shawl. I had this on my To Be Made list for years but never got around to it. Let's face it our To Be Made lists are miles long and we probably have yarn for it but not enough time to finish them all. When I was browsing Joji Locatelli patterns for her Fall KAL I decided I would cast on this one using our Charles colorway. To say I am loving it would be an understatement. This project was sooo easy and definitely qualifies as a beginner pattern. If you're looking for potato chip knitting this would qualify. 

Imagine When is a shawl designed by Joji Locatelli and was released back in 2013. It utilizes short rows, some picot edges, yarn overs and knit2togs to create a beautiful shawl. It's beautifully shaped and I highly recommend this as a classic design. 

I just love that we used Charles to knit this shawl. Charles has subtle speckling which adds some interest but keeps the shawl very classic. It reminds me of something that can be worn with almost anything. 

We also thought it would be fun to do a photoshoot doing menial everyday tasks. Naturally we picked filling our cup with ice. Which also happened to fall when we ran to check on the photo we had just taken.

Woman crouched down picking up ice that fell on floor. Brown Haired woman is wearing Imagine When Shawl and sticking out her tongue to the side in a silly way.

I apparently didn't angle the camera low enough to catch me picking up ice cubes and my cup off the floor. But you just might see ice cubes on the floor in the background of another shot.

Brown Haired woman looking off into the distance at kitchen island eating a grape.

 Eating grapes in the Imagine When shawl. 

We needed a full shawl shot so I figured what's more perfect than one with kicked off shoes close by.


Pattern Recommended: Definitely 

Yarn: Charles on our Delia Base(two ply) 

Needle Size: US6


Notes: So gorgeous and such a quick knit.  


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