Pattern Storage

Pattern Storage

I always want to share tools that I have available to me. This tool is in regards to storing your patterns and being able to access them as long as you have internet access.

In an attempt not to lose patterns from computers hating me. Lets be honest I may or may not have a history of accidentally spilling drinks on laptops....oops. I knew I needed a storage for files that I didn't want to lose. At the time I was working as a virtual assistant and we were using Dropbox to store files. I eventually created a file for all of my knitting patterns. I highly recommend it for storing your knitting patterns!

Dropbox alone isn't what helped me up my knitting game, but also the app Knitcompanion. SIDE NOTE: This is in no way sponsored by Knitcompanion I just happen to enjoy using it. I use the free version.


Knitcompanion has an app for android or ios. I have used the app on both my iphone and also my LG phones. They work the same although you can't switch devices and expect for your spot to transfer over but you can access the patterns.

What I love most about the knitcompanion app is how you can link your dropbox account with your knitting patterns to the app. You are also able to link your ravelry account.


By selecting specific patterns you can create a new project and you're ready to go. 

I love using it with colorwork projects because it has a yellow guide which allows you to keep track of which row you are on.

* I'm fairly certain once you have the pattern as a project on the app you don't need internet access.


What is your favorite way to store your patterns? Let me know in the comments!

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