Top 5 Ways to Get More Time to Yarn

Top 5 Ways to Get More Time to Yarn

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The biggest obstacle I have found when it comes to knitting time is time. It always seems like I just don't have enough time, but with these top 5 ways I get more time to yarn.


Listen to books on audible. 

We all love to yarn while we do other things, audible makes it easy to listen to books when we can't read while yarning at the same time.


Shop from Home

I'm a big shopper from home and huge fan of amazon and their try before you buy. Have you guys tried it yet? I just ordered some jeans to try, will report back on the jeans, but I've tried it before with bras and can I just say it's so much better to try on at home and send back what you don't like vs going to the stores. Gives me so much more time to knit. If you haven't tried it  

Find the perfect fit with Prime Try Before You Buy

 Order Your Meals from HelloFresh

Awhile back I tried out this meal ordering service and I must say I enjoyed getting out of our dinner routine. Making a normal meal for just myself was a bit of a annoyance and with my husband gone for dinner I was usually just eating something simple like a sandwich. I opted to order two servings for 4 meals and it was a lot easier to eat healthier. My husband ended up enjoying it and we would cook and eat the meals together instead of my original plan of making them while he was gone. 

Brown haired white woman smiling next to a Hello Fresh box of food in her kitchen

Get HelloFresh for $150 off. I believe the discount is spread out over a few weeks so make sure you double check.

Brown haired white woman sautés onions and green peppers for Hello Fresh meal.

This only partially helped with giving me more knitting time since my husband and I would cook together instead of one or the other, but it did help with grocery shopping.

Use a Robot for Cleaning

I know what you're thinking Jen that would be nice but come on.... but hear me out. 

Robot Vacuum cleaner!! I have one and I love it, now it does get stuck but I am sharing with you a newer version of the one I have. 

robot vacuum


 Grab your own robot vacuum while they are on sale.

Late Night Crafters

If you have a partner you don't want to disturb but also love staying up crafting you want to check out this neck light

Do you have any other tips that you use to give yourself more yarning time? Let me know in the comments. 
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