West knits MKAL

West knits MKAL

Are you like me with no business thinking of another cast on? I mean as much as I would like to be with those others who agree that I might have one too many projects on the needle at the same time I'm like who really cares and what business is it of theirs. I do what I want!! If it makes us happy why shouldn't we cast on a new project. 


I plan on casting on for the Westknits MKAL but I'm not sure what yarn combo I will choose. I've put together a few different options, not just for myself, but for you as well. I know it can be challenging to figure out which yarns to choose. Sometimes it has to do with how many combinations call to us. I know that is a big problem of mine. We want the colors to let our souls sing when we wear our shawls, and yes we do want to wear them. 


Here we have Lady Grey, Regal and Razzle. I adore this combo purely because I'm always keeping these three together. Look how fabulous they look.

This combo is another one I'm loving with Silver Lining, Seance and Sage. I'm really loving the silver grey pairings though so this won't be the last that you see of silver lining. 

Blue Thunder is the perfect pop and added into the mix with Darkside and Night Court it's the moody shawl of your dreams. 

 We have Regal and Tale as Old as Time with Mabel as the pop.

For all the black and pink lovers out there we have Rambunctious and Darkside with Silver Lining. 

The grellow fans get Silver Lining and A U Guys and Blue Thunder

Teal the Show with Night Court and Darkside

Seance, Silver Lining and Forever Susan

Tale as Old as Time, Mabel and Blue Thunder

Silver Lining and Teal the Show with Troll Hair Don't Care

The countdown is on. Have you picked out your combo yet?

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I like the combo in your newsletter for the WestKnit MKAL.

Cheri Wyman

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